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Why act?

Our business revolves around accounting for and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in organisations. Why the importance one might ask? It is fairly simple why we should act in our personal lives, communities and work environments to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions: Global warming, brought about by elevated levels of greenhouse gases, is real, it’s happening … Continued

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What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is a calculation of the total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by an organisation or company. This is typically calculated and reported over a period of 12 months. What often makes a carbon footprint complicated is defining the boundaries of the audit. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol provides the guidance to assist … Continued

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Is your offering just another carbon calculator?

The Carbon Report is definitely not just another online carbon footprint calculator. Carbon calculators are designed to calculate the carbon emissions of common business and personal activities. Often these are based on factors that are not relevant to your geography and the results obtained lack credibility in respect of source. They also don’t produce a … Continued

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When will South Africa introduce carbon tax?

The South African government is looking to introduce a carbon tax on 1 January 2019 with the objective to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. While transitioning, 60% of emissions will be tax-exempt up to 2022 to lessen the impact on industry. Over and above the basic 60% tax-free threshold for all sectors, additional allowances apply to various sectors … Continued

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What is Rio+20?

Rio+20 brings together world leaders, along with thousands of participants from governments, the private sector, NGOs and other groups to shape how we can reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection on an ever more crowded planet to get to secure the future we want. It is being organized in pursuance of General … Continued

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How do we become carbon neutral?

Many companies that we work with want to become carbon neutral. What this means is that emissions that are created in business operations are neutralised through the purchase of a carbon offset. Because global warming is by definition a “global issue”, the purchased offset, if equivalent to the emissions produced renders the organisation in question … Continued

What is COP 19?

COP 19 is the nineteenth meeting of the congress of the parties (COP) since the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) entered into force in 1995.  The parties meet annually to assess progress in dealing with climate change and this year (2013) the meeting takes place in Warsaw, Poland from 11 to 22 November 2013. … Continued

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What is the Greenhouse Gas protocol?

The GHG Protocol Initiative is a multi-stakeholder partnership of businesses, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), governments, and others convened by the World Resources Institute (WRI), and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Launched in 1998, the initiative’s mission is to develop internationally accepted greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and reporting standards for business and to promote … Continued

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Can I use The Carbon Report for the CRC?

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a mandatory carbon emissions trading scheme for all organisations in the United Kingdom using more than 6000MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to an energy bill of more GBP500 000 per annum. The policy has been developed with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and is aligned … Continued

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What are scopes in carbon accounting?

Greenhouse gas emissions are categorised as direct and indirect; and grouped into Scopes for accounting and reporting. Direct Emissions – Scope 1 Emissions are categorised as ‘direct’ when they are generated from activities or sources within the reporting company’s organisational boundary and which the company owns or controls. Under the protocol these are called Scope … Continued