Is your offering just another carbon calculator?

The Carbon Report is definitely not just another online carbon footprint calculator. Carbon calculators are designed to calculate the carbon emissions of common business and personal activities. Often these are based on factors that are not relevant to your geography and the results obtained lack credibility in respect of source. They also don’t produce a carbon footprint that can be referenced and used within your business.

The Carbon Report is easily distinguishable from traditional carbon calculators for the following reasons:

  • The solution has been designed to comply with the reporting requirements of the Green House Gas protocol
  • The solution deals with all of the mandatory reporting requirements of the GHG protocol
  • The solution eliminates the complexity of delivering your companies carbon footprint report
  • The solution delivers an organisational carbon footprint, both at a summary and detail level that is fully referenced and can be shared immediately with relevant stakeholders or incorporated into company reporting requirement
  • The end product is reviewed by one of our experienced analysts

In conclusion, The Carbon Report delivers a reliable and effective carbon footprint to your organisation, delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting based approaches.

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