Carbon Emissions API

Carbon calculation API

There is an increasing demand for the provision of non-financial emissions data as the environmental impact of emissions are being brought into business reporting and decision making processes.  Carbon calculation is becoming increasingly important in day to day management and decision making criteria.

The Carbon Report’s Carbon API provides the building blocks to integrate emissions data into a variety of third party applications and provide a automated and auditable process for emissions calculation.  Integrating emissions data allows third party providers to:

  • Provide emissions insight for effective decision making based on the lowest impact alternative
  • Bolster ticketing or invoicing content with emissions metrics
  • Bring non-financial data into business reporting
  • Provides a mechanism for calculating emissions in offsetting

Examples include calculating the emissions associated with an activity such as travel, waste disposal or freighting and providing such information either internally or externally within your business applications.

The Carbon Report’s Carbon API provides the platform that enables this seamless integration of carbon emissions data into third party business applications. The API processes external information and returns carbon emissions data in real time.  As a cloud based service the solution allows you to scale based on your user requirements.

The most up-to-date, internationally recognised methodologies and factors are applied and maintained to ensure the quality and credibility of all output data and provides instant quantification and delivery of carbon emissions data at a transactional level.


Carbon API

A simplistic view of information flow

The API has been developed based on XML standards and can be utilised in a variety of applications.  Please contact us for further information on how real time access to CO2 emissions calculations can benefit your business process.