The Carbon Report partners with impactChoice to provide a unique value proposition for our clients around emissions reduction and achieving carbon neutrality.  Reducing emissions though a program of work and strategic projects is often only part of the journey.  impactChoice allows our clients to link micro-offsets to business activities and use this both as a mechanism towards achieving carbon neutrality as well as a potential funding mechanism for other environmental projects or CSR initiatives.  The solution is applicable in many industries where you can break the business activity down to ‘bite size’ chunks.  For example, in the hospitality industry we are able to quantify room night stays and provide guests with a micro offset certificate, rendering the stay carbon neutral and fully embracing the concept of green tourism.

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impactChoice brings merchants and consumers together, enabling the merchant to sell offset certificates certified by global standards to consumers that wish to voluntarily offset the carbon footprint of their transactions.  This is done through the purchase of a guaranteed, verifiable, carbon offset certificate. Only certificates from reputable registries are sourced and have to meet minimum criteria, namely the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), The Gold Standard or Plan Vivo.

impactChoice is the first solution that offers consumers the ability to offset their carbon footprint when making a purchase. Each micro certificate is in fact a 100% guaranteed and verifiable micro carbon offset credit certificate, linked via a traceable serial number, to a macro certificate.  This can be used to not only offset the emissions associated with the user or client (e.g. guest), but also the associated emissions of the supplier (e.g. hotel).

impactChoice is the world’s first micro certificate issuing and certificate authentication authority, providing enablement technology to consumers and merchants alike in the area of carbon footprint offsetting.

Why impactChoice?

impactChoice is not based on charity or donations but on actual tonnage sequestered from a range of programmes which include reforestation, avoided deforestation and biomass increase.  Carbon certificates are not based on possible future emission reduction principles, but on verifiable existing projects.

impactChoice certificates are 100% guaranteed, post-sequestrated carbon credits backed up by an audited and verifiable  macro certificate.  This is the only verifiable means that addresses poverty alleviation, sustainable development and biodiversity conservation over and above carbon sequestration.

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