Environment, Social and Governance IsoMetrix Governance, Risk and Compliance Management SoftwareSolution

The Carbon Report has partnered with IsoMetrix to provide our clients with a best practice governance and reporting solution which embeds sustainability within the business fabric of the organisation.

The solution provides standards and reporting based on the Global Reporting Initiative and allows clients to manage, reduce and report their emissions through a centralised and integrated management system.

The visual dashboards incorporated in the solution provide management with a consolidated and up to date view of their sustainability performance by consolidating data across multiple sources into a single application. Designed to meet most ISO standards requirements, the solution includes the following management areas to meet your sustainability goals:

  • Water managementEnergy detail
  • Energy management
  • Carbon management
  • Air quality management
  • Surface area management
  • Biodiversity management
  • Material flows
  • Supply chain
  • Social
  • Labour

The solution also allows for a modular approach so you can start small and move your strategy into other management areas as you progress.

Integrated solution components

Central Action Manager

The Central Action Manager consolidates actions from all management areas and amalgamates them into a single point of reference ensuring accountability, timely delivery and data accuracy. Through the integration of monitoring, measurement, analysis, verification and reporting processes, a strong base for effective decision making is guaranteed.

action manager

Dashboards and rollup

Key Performance Indicators are depicted through a dashboarding interface. By viewing information via the dashboards, management can prioritise initiatives and preventative measures through real time information flow and analysis. New connections and relationships emerge from the dashboard’s ability to leverage information across all sustainability aspects. The dashboards allow for quantitative and qualitative performance analysis against the relevant strategy, targets and compliance conditions.

Sustainability Management


The solution provides a 3 tiered approach to information management:

  • Materiality
  • Maintenance
  • Data collection

Materiality is where strategy, targets, initiatives and the corresponding compliance conditions are documented. Maintenance is a management administration function where reporting categories, standards, notifications and naming conventions can be customised to meet specific business requirements. Finally, Data collection is the user interface where practitioners capture or upload data to the lowest level of detail. Data can also be integrated from 3rd party applications like the organisation’s ERP systems.

Business benefits

The implementation of the IsoMetrix solution will provide the following organisational and business benefits:

  • Board members’ liability will be greatly reduced owing to accurate information flow and risk analysis.
  • Reputational capital will be enhanced by managing the business against sustainable criteria.
  • Tangible cost savings can be achieved through the effective identification and management of carbon and energy reduction initiatives.
  • Sustainability managers can focus on meeting strategic and compliance targets, instead of concentrating efforts on spread sheet generation and death by PowerPoint.
  • The dashboards free up managers from time consuming analysis across multiple direct and indirect sources, resulting in more time to focus on core competencies and extracting real business value.


Please contact us so that we can demonstrate how IsoMetrix will benefit your organisation.