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Renewable energy is power to the people

Renewable energyWe eat, sleep and dream emissions measurement and reduction. But today, we are setting emissions and climate change aside to look at renewable energy (and here we refer to wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass and other renewable sources) and the broader benefits that they bring.

Renewable energy positively impacts our climate, health and economy these 5 ways:


1. Money to the people

Renewable energy needs hands on deck, it’s labour intensive. This means there is more opportunity for employment. Let’s face it, in a country where lack of employment is a crippling challenge this is great news!

In addition, large fossil fuel power plants are centralised and sit in the hands of large corporates and/or the state. Renewable energy decentralises that model. It distributes infrastructure and supply and ultimately distributes wealth. Money from the community stays within the community.

2. Low cost and limitless

Wind, sun, waves and heat all provide a limitless source of energy. Fortunately, renewable energy sources once set up, have very low operational costs.

3. Water friendly

Unlike water-intensive fossil fuel power plants, most renewables are not dependant on water to operate. In a warming, water scarce country, renewables could not be more appropriate.

4. Healthy

Air and water pollution from coal and gas plants has been linked to respiratory problems, neurological damage, heart attacks and cancer. Switching to renewable energy reduces the costs of healthcare and improves health in society.

5. Negates nuclear

By using renewable energy sources, the high costs and risks of using nuclear are averted. Some of these averted risks include radiation, reactor accidents and radioactive waste.

Ultimately the most important reason to support renewable energy is because it puts us on the path to combating climate change and moving towards a sustainable future. As we build and distribute our renewable energy infrastructure we will eventually fulfil the needs of meeting base load power which will allow us to source all of our power needs from renewables. Increasing the use of renewables spreads the load across different sources. All bases covered. Voila!

It’s easy to see why renewable energy should be a thing of the present to ensure that we have a future. Do you use renewable energy? What benefits are you seeing?

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