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What are scopes in carbon accounting?

Greenhouse gas emissions are categorised as direct and indirect; and grouped into Scopes for accounting and reporting. Direct Emissions – Scope 1 Emissions are categorised as ‘direct’ when they are generated from activities or sources within the reporting company’s organisational boundary and which the company owns or controls. Under the protocol these are called Scope … Continued

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What causes carbon emissions?

Usually we think of industry—of factories with smokestacks—when we consider the major sources of the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change. Although that is correct offices and services based companies account for a surprisingly large part of the climate change problem. Lights, heating and cooling, computers, printers, copiers, business travel, and commuting are … Continued

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SA Emissions pledge achievable

ITWeb Thursday 10 December 2009  Government’s proposal to cut SA’s greenhouse gas emissions will force businesses to become more energy efficient, with IT leading the way to a low carbon economy.  This is according to Tim James, founding director of Sustainable IT, who says government’s offer is very achievable, even with the current investment Eskom … Continued