Carbon offsets and becoming carbon neutral

Carbon offsets will always form part of a holistic carbon management strategy and can be used to mitigate your carbon footprint

It is generally accepted that the long term solution to climate change and global warming lie in switching to clean and renewable energy. It is also acknowledged that to rely totally on this approach will take far too long, resulting in the disastrous climate change predicted by science. Unless businesses have access to renewable energy sources, mitigating the impacts of global warming through energy efficiency and process optimisation alone will not achieve a goal of becoming carbon neutral.  In the short term carbon offsets can be used to compensate for business emissions.  This is achieved by purchasing an equivalent carbon dioxide emission saving certificate to offset the business emission.  As climate change is a global issue, a carbon offset purchased from any verifiable source, regardless of location, can be used to render an organisation’s emissions carbon neutral.

The process involves calculating the total amount of carbon emissions produced in kilograms or tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2e), namely your carbon footprint. You then purchase the equivalent measure of carbon offset credits from recognised emission reduction projects to offset these emissions.

Our value proposition

The Carbon Report assists you with your journey to become carbon neutral although we strongly encourage a pragmatic approach of measurement, reduction and then offsetting.  We help you understand your risk through a carbon footprint and then offer alternatives and strategies for reduction, one of which is the purchase of an offset.

Our offsetting providers instill confidence through globally recognised carbon offset programs.  Certified and verifiable carbon offset credits come in the form of guaranteed and traceable certificates.  These are linked by a serial number to a macro Emission Reduction or Renewable Energy Certificates, through a recognised registry.  Examples of emission reduction offset projects can include renewable energy generation, reforestation and avoided deforestation, biomass increase and soil carbon retention.  While we are not limited to sourcing certificates from a single project we do try to source from projects within Southern Africa.

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