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In today’s modern business landscape, significant emphasis is being placed on sustainability, specifically a business’ environmental impact through its operations.  Add to this, pending carbon tax legislation and predicted water shortages, a tremendous burden will be placed on many companies in the future.  A carbon strategy is required to mitigate future risks and facilitate long term sustainability.

This is how we can assist you

The Carbon Report offers a range of sustainability services over and above a traditional carbon footprint, tailored to meet both your immediate business needs and your budget, which can be provided on an outsourced model through a monthly retainer or bespoke/project based.  This ensures that your business addresses these issues with skilled resources without the financial overhead of taking these scarce skills in house.

Why should you act?

Ensuring a sustainable business operation within the constraints of this low carbon economy requires the implementation of strategies today to ensure future growth and prospects.  This not only affects large corporates but businesses across all spheres of the economy. For every business, drivers to embrace a sustainable business strategy include the following in terms of importance and value to your business:
  • Carbon tax legislation and regulatory compliance 80% 80%
  • Pending international carbon trade tariffs taxing the carbon intensity of goods 25% 25%
  • Increasing energy rates and future water insecurity 80% 80%
  • Increased efficiencies and the removal of waste 85% 85%
  • Increased shareholder value through market perception from suppliers and customers 90% 90%
  • Improved procurement competitiveness 60% 60%
  • Cost savings and improved bottom line 90% 90%

Our Services include:


Carbon Emissions and Water Baseline

This provides a thorough analysis of your existing carbon emissions based on internationally recognised greenhouse gas accounting methodologies as well as water consumption.  The output acts as a baseline against which to measure future reductions.

Inventory Management Plan

A greenhouse gas inventory management plan (IMP) documents and categorises the GHG inventory, and provides the guidance to source the relevant business activity data and emission factors.  The IMP forms the skeleton from which to internally document GHG data processes and procedures in business.


Our consultants work with you to develop a risk and mitigation strategy based on the emissions sources identified in your carbon footprint.  A reduction plan is developed which should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure progress against the actions identified.  In all instances financial performance and return on investment is considered in reduction initiatives to ensure business and financial sustainability.

Your carbon reduction strategy outlines the projects, outcomes and ongoing measurement required to successfully achieve carbon reduction commitments.  A carbon footprint exercise needs to precede a strategy as the strategy draws on the results of the footprint assessment.

Our consultants will assist you in drawing up a work plan and reduction program focusing on low hanging fruit and quick wins.

In this respect, retainer agreements can be implemented whereby The Carbon Report becomes an extension of your internal organisation, providing support and guidance with your sustainability initiatives.

Environmental Policy

We can ensure that your business has an environmental policy that is current and relevant to your business and business operations.

CDP Submission

Asssisting organisations with the relevant data and response to the Carbon Discosure Project (CDP).

Flexible engagement

For many organisations having a dedicated sustainability professional makes little business sense.  The Carbon Report offers ourtsourced services with monthly quarterly and annual deliverables that can be customised to meet your business needs.  We also offer services on a project basis with clearly defined commercials and deliverables.

Contact us today and we would be more than happy to discuss your particular business requirements.

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