Environmental education and awareness services

Whether you are looking to empower an internal resource to take on the role of emissions measurement and reporting or merely require a climate change awareness talk at your monthly staff meeting, we have the solutions for you.

Environmental awareness training not only provides much needed impetus on your ‘greening’ initiatives, but if conducted correctly can yield significant bottom line savings through staff commitment.Our emission awareness education provides short, sharp presentations on global warming, climate change and the impact of our activities with the aim of imparting the required knowledge to employees to spur behavioral change.

Carbon and environmental awareness

All green initiatives need to start with education and awareness on greenhouse gases, our impacts and the issues we face with respect to global warming and climate change.  However each organisation differs in respect to industry and operational activities.  We therefore tailor our awareness sessions to offer relevant and pragmatic insights.  Our awareness sessions can be short sharp presentations targeted at all employees – these are ideally suited to weekly staff meetings – or longer, more comprehensive sessions targeted at different levels of the organisation.

Educating staff on the impact of their activities and empowering them to make changes in their day to day working environment can add significant value to your emissions reduction initiatives.  Awareness campaigns increases the understanding of the benefits of efficiencies and the consequences of wasteful behaviour.  They can motivate and empower employees to change the way they use materials, and in so doing, reduce energy and overall costs.  This increases morale, encourages debate and includes employees in reduction initiatives.

We also provide executive awareness sessions which are more comprehensive and target strategic level decision makers with the object of gaining buy-in and commitment to the organisations decision to embrace environmental sustainability and explore the opportunities and risks of embarking on a low carbon strategy.  Themes discussed include drivers, the political and economic context of business, corporate governance guidelines and best practice and any relevant industry specific information.

Targeted awareness campaigns

Environmental awareness campaigns typically follow awareness talks and are intended to keep environmental issues top of mind throughout the year.  Material is delivered in monthly intervals, typically over 10 months, in email and PDF formats for posters.  Each period focuses on a mutually agreed theme relevant to your organisation’s impacts.  To dovetail the email communication, PDF files for printing posters are also supplied.

Training on organisational GHG accounting

To take carbon measurement and management in-house, we offer full training on organisational greenhouse gas accounting.  This training course will empower a resource to build and report a carbon footprint report in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard and ISO 14064-1.

We recommend this is done after an initial base year carbon footprint so as to deliver customised and relevant material.  Training is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.  Due to the changing nature of calculation methodologies, factors and reporting requirements we recommend that in-house reporting is reviewed by a carbon consultant annually.

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