Assurance and Verification Services

The Carbon Report provides assurance and verification services based on ISO standards.  This give you and relevant stakeholders the assurance that you emissions reporting is valid and accurate.

What is assurance and verifcation?

To ensure integrity in emissions baselining, tracking and reporting it is important that greenhouse gas emissions data and calculations are accurate and representative.  Understanding the complexities of greenhouse gas data and keeping up with the most current standards, methodologies and factors requires a qualified and experienced eye, often beyond the remit of current in-house roles and budgets.  Furthermore, independent verification adds a layer of credibility to your reporting and disclosure requirements.

Your carbon footprint and the disclosure of your emissions in the public domain is becoming increasingly important.  This has largely been driven through integrated reporting requirements on the JSE as well as other indices and programs such as SRI, GRI and CDP.  Ensuring that the emissions you report have been through the proper carbon footprint assurance, due diligence and verification through appropriately qualified organisations is critical in ensuring data credibility and preserving ones reputation.

Carbon Footprint Assurance

Our consultants review and verify greenhouse gas emissions data, calculations and reporting to ensure data integrity, accuracy and completeness.  The process and extent of a review varies from organisation to organisation but can include a review of GHG management systems and processes, organisational boundaries, calculation methodologies and factors, estimations and assumptions, reporting structures, and sampling of source data.

For footprints done in-house this process provides an expert, independent view as well as delivers corrections and recommendations for improvement in future reporting periods.

Review, assurance and verification services can also be done on outsourced greenhouse gas reporting for third party verification.

The Carbon Report consultants have the skills and experience to assure your company’s carbon footprint.  Call us on +27 (0)21 003 8033 or drop us an email on

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